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New found money ! 0 /

June 26th, 2009 at 03:13 pm

My husband and I both carry health insurance through work. My husband had a chance to get a "buy back", a cash incentive for dropping his health insurance. I asked my husband to call the person in charge to find out details of the buy out. We were astounded and excited when we found out that employees opting out will get $360 per pay period ($720 a month). We signed the paperwork to opt out the insurance as of September. We have the same health insurance company (mine has better benefits). If I lose my job, he has the right to re-enrolled immediately. I have no plans for the money but to save it to cover som home repairs and my son's college tuition.

I'd been off work since last Friday and I must confess, I love having my summers off. It does however, take some planning and discipline to not have to work during these months. My husband is working 4 hours a day (good thing, it keeps him off my hair). I will have to tap into our summer fund soon because I have to pay insurance on our rental and tuition for one of the graduate courses I'm taking this summer (Hopefully, I will get reimbursed for it).

So far we've spent $100 in birthdays and graduation gifts. Not too bad, I think. Busy weekend, a birthday party tonight, Saturday lunch with friends and a high school graduation party on Sunday.


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  1. dmontngrey Says:

    Very nice!! Naturally, neither my company or DH's company offers the buy back option. Too bad - we'd be all over it.

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