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September, Week #3

September 21st, 2016 at 03:13 pm

September Week #3 September 14-21

Expenditures (under miscellaneous category in our budget)

$293.00, a good portion ($143) of it was for a one way airfare for my Mom to visit. She always offers to give me the money back but I never take her money.

$90.00 for an extra 3 hours of extracurricular work .

I'm doing much better on the eating out category. Last Friday, it was my turn to pay for our "eating out" day and Saturday DS#1 treated us because we helped him move.

ABOUT THE HELOC: (money borrowed for down payment on an investment property which will be used in our retirement)

We paid $300 towards the principal of this loan this week.

ABOUT THE INVESTMENT PROPERTY SLUSH FUND: Goal is to have $8K in that fund for repairs or any unexpected events.

We contributed $750 to this fund and it sits at $4,017.00

In my next post I will reveal our plans for retirement for husband and semi-retirement for me.