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Big Savings today for something we really needed!

November 7th, 2008 at 02:35 pm

My husband and I were shopping at Walmart today. We usually go all the way to the back to see what big items they had on clearance. We stumble upon the home and garden section where my husband saw 5 lawn mowers just sitting there. He had one of the employees call for the manager and he asked him how much they were looking to get for the lawn mowers. Get this, she said $20.00. We bought two brand new mowers (one for our house and the other for the rental) for $40.00. Their original price for each was $170.00. What a bargain!

4 Responses to “Big Savings today for something we really needed!”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    That is a bargain. we had to buy one for the spec house dh was building last summer and we paid $160 for it.

  2. scfr Says:

    You scored a great deal!

  3. Campfrugal Says:

    Wow, that is cool. My youngest son (13) just pushed a lawnmower home from someone's garbage, took pictures of it, listed it on craigslist and made $50.00. You probably could have bought them all and made money.

  4. lizajane Says:

    I would have bought them all, even if I didn't resell them. It would be my lawnmower stockpile for future years!

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