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Some financial tidbits

January 21st, 2009 at 03:14 pm

I earn $30 last Friday and $30 today doing home instruction. Friday's session is in limbo until the board of ed. approves an extension for this particular student. It's amazing how much they learn when you are giving one on one attention. I'd been really good at packing my lunches and eating breakfast at home. No stops to fast food joints on my way home either. Another positive is that I am half way through on my summer fund goal. See my side bar. I've decided that if at one point before June 30th I meet the goal, I will continue contributing to this fund. I think it will enable us to repair the deck or replace the kitchen counter with granite.

On another note, its been very cold in my neck of the woods. I thank God I have my electric blanket to keep me warm.

Blessings to all and good night!

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