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On a quest for simplicity

July 10th, 2009 at 12:38 pm

Between last night and this morning I managed to put a lot of family pictures in albums. I collected all of my photo albums and my kids artwork I've collected throughout the years and put all of it in a suitcase in a closet near the front door. My reasoning for this is that it can be easily rolled out in case of a fire. Everything else can be replaced!

I'm slowly simplying my life by getting rid of unuseful things and it really feels great! I'm on week #2 following the Weight Watchcers Plan and I'm doing well.

We are currently shopping around for the materials to replace the backyard deck. I'll take before and after pics when we get started on that. We're also looking for a place to stay when we visit Ocean City, Maryland next month. We are hoping to book something by today.

Have a great weekend!

2 Responses to “On a quest for simplicity”

  1. Radiance Says:

    I am in such a similar quest. It does feel great.
    So much stuff I don't need and I don't even want around me anymore.

    My house is just 1100 sq feet, and I keep on bringing boxes and boxes to goodwill.

    Congratulations in your progress! It liberates space both in the house and in the mind and soul.

    Goot tip on the pictures! You are right I wouldn't want to loose those.

  2. milehighgal Says:

    I would recommend scanning the really precious stuff if you have access to one. Then you can back them up on the computer, external drive or online. It's a big project, unless you pay someone else to do it, but worth the piece of mind. I did that this past year with all our old family negatives.

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