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Goals for 2009 in the works!

July 22nd, 2009 at 05:48 am

I wanted to give you an update on our summer fund and expenses. Well, a week ago I transfered $5,000 to the money market account from our summer fund. It left us us with $9,659 and as of today $8,288 remain. We finally got the paperwork for our inground oil tank removal and we figured out that we would have to use about $3800 of the summer fund. The good news is that there is a government fund that would reimbursed homeowners for the removal of these tanks if you have assets of less than $500,000 excluding your primary residence. So in total I think we can recuperate a minimum of $3,000(town permit and application fees are not returned). We will also need $2000 to replace the deck and next month we will have to pay our son's tuition for the fall semester which will run us about $2500 (books included). Oh, did I mentioned that when we get all of these things accomplished we'll have met three of our 2009 goals?

There it is, our summer fund is completely wiped out and inevitably I will have to use some of that money I transfered to the money market account. We decided that our vacation we'll just have to wait and I'm okay with that!

On another note, I'm doing pretty good with taking graduate courses in the summer. I just completed one class and I will begin the next one the 2nd week of August. I'm pretty excited because this means that I would go up in the salary scale at work ($1,750 more per year). Once I'm done with my Masters, the increase will be roughly $4000) /.

Okay, enough about me! Have a great day.

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