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What I'm up to

December 28th, 2009 at 12:31 pm

I got over the fact that I'll have to pay $39 for an over-the-limit fee. I'll just have to be very careful from now on. Tomorrow I'm going to Walgreens to snag some deals I found through moneysavingmom.
Click on the link on my sidebar if you want to check it out. I also snagged my third $5 amazon gift card for a total of $15. You can also check it out my clicking the link on my sidebar.

I'm making a carrot cake for my dear friends that have just arrived to the U.S. from Ireland. I'll be visiting their home tomorrow. I also cooked two pounds of Pinto beans for future use. I made a batch for today, Spanish style and have two additional containers to freeze. I already added Spanish spices and cilatro cubes to each container.

I'm off from work until January 3rd /. This time off will give me enough time to think of 2010 goals and continue simplyfing my life a bit. Yesterday I tackled "my bills" basket and shredded a lot of papers. By the way does anyone know how long do I have to keep bank, 403B and Roth IRA statement? I read somewhere that they should be kept for 7 years. That's an awful lot of papers to keep around.


4 Responses to “What I'm up to”

  1. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Deb, how do you cook your pintos? We don't eat a lot of beans and eat pintos the least but we do like limas, navy beans, red beans, etc. Pintos are just a little too blah for me so maybe you know something I don't! Smile

  2. historychick Says:

    I've heard 7 years as well. Buy a thumb drive just for documents and scan in all your important papers. It'll take for.ev.er to get through them, but once done, you'll have everything in one easy to carry piece of plastic.

  3. NJDeb Says:

    We eat a lot of beans too! Our least favorite is the small white beans. In a pot I add the beans, water, tomato sauce (small can), 2 tablespoons of Spanish herbs and salt or Goya Adobo to your liking. Bring to a boil and then lower it to medium heat for about 1/2 hour. If you like it thicker add less water. I served them usually with white or yellow rice.

    For the Spanish herbs, in a blender I grind one small onion, one green pepper, 2 cubanel peppers, one red pepper, garlic and a cilantro (one bunch). You will have enough "sofrito" to freeze and use whenever you feel like having Spanish style beans. The aroma is fabulous! Hint: Some people put the "sofrito" in ice cube trays to freeze and then store it in a ziploc bag.

  4. bennyhoff Says:

    I don't think there is any requirement on what you need to keep for retirement and IRA plans. I have mine back to the mid-90s, but I have tossed all but the most basic pages, just to prove the money was there when I say it was, and where the money came from. Beyond that I'm not sure what having the paperwork from years ago is going to help you with. So if you have quarterly and yearly statements, after a few years I would just keep the yearly overview, it should be all you need.

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