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The price of a short stature and menu

August 29th, 2010 at 06:40 am

My summer vacation is basically over; after 2 1/2 months, it's time to go back to work. No, I don't expect any pity from any of you. I feel fortunate to be able to prepare my favorite breakfasts, sit by the pool, read books and watch movies whenever I want. But now it's time to start earning my keep. With that comes some clothes purchasing expenses. I bought 6 pairs of work pants for about $120. That's not all though. On top of that, I had to spend $60 to get them hemmed because I'm just too short. I buy them pettite, but it still doesn't help. Oh well!

Tomorrow, I start following a budget. This is the menu for this week:

Monday: (Have all the ingredients at home)
Spagetti with meat sauce, buckhorn dinner rolls and corn.

Tuesday: (have all the ingredients at home)
White rice, beans, and grilled bbq chicken.

Wednesday: (bought lettuce)
Taco with toppings

Thursday: (bought baking potatos)
Bake potato, homemade chili, cheddar cheese and sour cream and vegetables.

Friday: (bought pasta and shrimp scampi)
pasta and shrimp scampi and breaded telapia.
(This is a special treat)

Saturday: Leftovers for the guys
(I'll be in the New York city for a Broadway Musical)

Sunday: Eat out; probably NY style pizza
The whole family will be going to New York City to visit Madame Tusseaud's Wax Museum and the M&M Store.

Total amount spend: $115.35 of $300 food budget (not including Sunday eat out expense). We are planning on consuming food items from the freezer and pantry for the second week of September to make up for the Sunday's splurge.

7 Responses to “The price of a short stature and menu”

  1. bennyhoff Says:

    Couldn't you hem them yourself? Its not that hard. If you need a sewing machine, you could check craigslist, or even buy a cheap one from Amazon (I found 4 there under $50, and another 4 under $100)

  2. miclason Says:

    I have the same problem! I do hem my own pants, though, except jeans, which I just roll up...I do it by hand, because I don´t have a sewing machine...the most difficult part for me is making sure both legs are perfectly even...

  3. homebody Says:

    Bummer. I am short too, but usually petites are just right (5'2-1/2").

  4. NJDebbie Says:

    I'm at 5'1"!

  5. miclason Says:


  6. homebody Says:

    Geez I feel so tall all of a sudden!!

  7. -Jerry- Says:

    I'm a rather normal-sized man, but I have a rather short inseam this leads me to almost always need to have my dress pants cuffed. Annoying, but what can you do? I gave up trying to stretch my legs out in my early teens. =) I'd rather have the insurance of well-fitting trousers than have them stapled up (like I once did in my teens, as well...) Oh, the embarrassment!

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