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Updates and Son's College news

October 30th, 2010 at 07:32 am

It was paid day yesterday. $550 was transferred for the summer fund, 743.00 to money market account and $200 to the personal savings account. No extra principal was sent to the mortgage this month since we are refinancing. Our first payment with this new loan will be January 1st. The home appraisal was done on Wednesday for the 15 year refi. I'm crossing my fingers. I also sent my Mom $100 to help her get buy until her pension checks arrive.

On another note, my son was accepted into the state university of his choice. He will complete his education there as a transfer student from our local community college. He will be commuting every day to school. He has a great car that runs cheap on gas. This represents a savings of over $5K per semester for room and board. We will try to cover tuition and textbooks. Our goal is no student loans.

Happy Halloween everyone!

More fall pictures around my neighborhood!

October 25th, 2010 at 01:53 pm

I hope you like them!

Autumn foliage (not $$ related)

October 24th, 2010 at 03:15 pm

It was a beautiful Fall day in northern New Jersey. I went for a walk with my hubby and although I wanted to take more pictures this is all I can get before my camera died. I'm going back out tomorrow after work and I already picked out some spots I want to take pictures of.

This is around my neighborhood


October 22nd, 2010 at 05:49 pm

I don't think I could take another day at work so thank God is Friday. I'm feeling exhausted and run down for some reason. Our refi loan seems to be on the right track. I sent all of the documents the loan officer needed to continue with the process. It looks like we won't have to make a mortgage payment in December, but I think I'll put that towards the principal any way. On another note, my son did not have school or today. I came home from work and the whole house was cleaned including bathrooms. I felt blessed and lucky to have such a thoughtful young man.

Have a great weekend everyone!

15 year mortgage @ 3.75%

October 18th, 2010 at 07:25 pm

We did it. We refinanced the house and will only be paying about $260 more a month. We use Lendingtree.com to do the refi. My fico scores went down a bit, but they are well over the 740 mark. My husband's scores went up: his lowest is 799; my lowest 777. As for the extra mortgage payment, we will probably put another $250 towards the principal and put the rest of the $1k in savings.

The search for a tenant has come to an end!

October 15th, 2010 at 04:29 pm

It looks like we have someone lined up to take the vacant apartment for November 1st. We are in the process of making some repairs and my husband painted the whole apartment for the new tenants. Hopefully, I'll be able to send the $1k towards the mortgage principal now that we have a tenant.

Today was pay day and I just transferred $550 to summer fund, $500 for son's tuition, $250 summer vacation, $100 for Christmas 2011 and $743 to the money market account (emergency fund). All but the summer fund are single monthly savings, which mean the next deposit won't be until November. The summer fund has to be funded every pay day, otherwise, we won't have the money to pay our bills in the summer months.


Talking about November, we will have to pay our quaterly property taxes, $2250. Yikes, that's what we get for living in the seventh county in the nation with the highest property taxes.


My amazon.com account is @ $275 and I should have two $5 amazon gift cards coming from swagbucks.


Plans for the weekend: baby shower for my husband's nephew's wife and Sunday, just rest. I hope you all have a great weekend.

A proud moment!

October 3rd, 2010 at 03:49 pm

My 16 year old gave me 30 dollars yesterday to deposit in savings account. Well today, he made another $30 dog sitting and $40 cleaning our neighbor's driveway (He cleared about 7 garbage cans full acorns, no exageration). So asked him what he was going to do with the $70. So he said "two of these Jacksons are going to savings and I'm giving Dad $10 for gas to fuel my ATV. I'll just keep $20." I'm constantly talking to my sons about the importance of saving for the future and I think it's working!

P.S. I put away $40 a month into his savings account. My 20 year old works part-time and is responsible for gas, his cell phone and clothing. He is currently on his last semester at our local community college.

Just transfered (in an attempt to manage money better)

October 1st, 2010 at 04:07 pm

$550 to the summer fund (to cover our expenses for
the summer)
$250 to the summer vacation fund
$500 to tuition account for my son (our monthly
contribution for college tuition)
$100 to the Christmas fund (not for this year)

Total $1,400.00


Apartment update:

No luck renting the apartment in our rental, but we will be doing some upgrades to the apartment. It needs it badly!

Car problem update:

Car problem was fixed with a battery which we already had on hand. We will most likely run this car to the ground. My husband takes good care of all of our vehicles.


Extra principal update:

Hoping to be able to continue on the path of being mortgage free by adding extra principal to the mortgage loan. I will try my hardest even with the loss of income from the rental.


Weekend plans:

Niece's Confirmation Party tomorrow
Apple picking Sunday (maybe)

Have a wonderful weekend you all!!!