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Joined Weight Watchers!

January 8th, 2011 at 06:17 am

I officially joined Weight Watchers on Thursday. A lot weight to lose, but I'm determined to shed the unwanted pounds. I've set a goal of attaining a healthy weight by July 6, which is six months from now. I promised myself that I will get back on the program even if I fall off the wagon and I'm keeping a weight loss journal to jot down my feelings every day. I'll also post any weight loss or gains for those of you who would like to cheer for me. I took advantage of their New Year promotional and paid No registration fee!

6 Responses to “Joined Weight Watchers!”

  1. SavingsQueen Says:

    Congrats on joinng Weight Watchers. I have tried quite a few programs and WW is the best! You will love the weekly meetings. I lost about five pounds from WW and learned enough to keep it off.

  2. ThriftoRama Says:

    I've heard good things about WW as well. I'm trying to lose 15 lbs, but I'm doing it boot camp style through a program at the gym.

  3. NJDebbie Says:

    I've used the program before but if you don't make the lifestyle changes one is bound to gain back the pounds. My ultimate goal is to become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    Good luck!

  5. PNW Mom Says:

    Good luck! Keep us posted Smile

  6. -Jerry- Says:

    Congratulations on that first step, and I like that you are writing things down. That makes a big difference overall, and it can really lead to keeping you on track, I find. I am trying to make headway in that area myself this year, and I think that keeping records offers some insurance by providing proof of progress, and a place to vent when necessary!

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