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Score of the week:

January 9th, 2011 at 05:10 am

Christmas cards for .69 cents each box. (90% off)

I'm faithfully tracking our grocery and miscellaneous spending using the a spreadsheet (2011 savings tracker). I'm already over budget a little over $13, but it's okay since this spreadsheet will help me set a realistic grocery budget for the following months. I love the spreadsheet because one can input coupon savings. As I mentioned before, any amount saved using coupons will be used to pay down the principal of the mortgage.

3 Responses to “Score of the week:”

  1. SavingsQueen Says:

    Congrats on your lovely cards...GREAT SCORE!!

  2. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Score! Those types of bargains are such fun to find...just remember you have them at card writing time next year! Wink

  3. momcents Says:

    Love them!! You really DID SCORE a deal!

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