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Weekly update

April 3rd, 2011 at 06:42 pm

The warm weather was definitely on my side today. I was able to dry four loads of laundry outside. We are expecting another day of good weather so I'll wash and hang a load of white clothes plus bed covers and sheets.

I'm off from work this whole week for spring break. Tuesday will be a busy day with taking DS#2 to Lacrosse practice, the dog to the groomer and a dentist appointment. I will use a gift card and Groupon certificate to Barnes and Noble also on Tuesday during some down time between the dog groomer and dentist appointment. I'll save on the gas by doing everything I have to do on Tuesday. Gasoline around here is at $3.45 a gallon.

We've been looking at new cars lately and came very close buying a Chevy Cruze, but decided against it because the price tag is $23K and having a hefty car payment aside from the truck payment we already have makes me very nervous. I think we will shop around for a used car or an older model new car that we can pay for using some money from our savings. I think we will end up buying a Honda (maybe another Fit).

Did I tell you that I'm going to see Ricky Martin in concert soon? I'm treating myself for an early Mother's Day present. Price tag for the ticket= $147.00. Can't wait! On the mortgage front, I transferred another $100 towards the principal. I can't wait to see the balance once the April 1st payment hits. So far, we're up to $5,894.79 out of the $15k 2011 goal mortgage principal reduction. I'm trying to convince hubby to sell the rental property.

This is it for this week! I hope you all have a frugal and wonderful work week.

Frugal deed of the day: 4 loads of laundry air dried outdoors.

2 Responses to “Weekly update ”

  1. LittleGopher Says:

    I love hanging out laundry (someday I may get to too, if the weather here would cooperate!) Have a wonderful break!!

  2. jkay93 Says:

    I love hanging clothes out to dry. I did 3 loads this weekend and dried them on the line!

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