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We've been a victim of credit card fraud!

June 6th, 2011 at 06:00 pm

I have the habit of checking our Chase accounts every day (mortgage and credit card). So I noticed some charges on the cc account that I did not recognized and most were charged in Texas. Someone used our account number to get groceries, gas, games and other stuff. I was waiting to get a free period at work to call my husband to ask him to call Chase for me. As soon as he answered he told me that Chase's fraud department had left a message to inquire about the charges. The cc was closed immediately and new cards will be sent to us. This got me thinking about all of the cc we have laying around and I decided to close them even though the experts say that it will bring down fico scores. I really don't care, because it's not like I'll be making major purchases any time soon.

Work is almost done for the school year (June 17th). I can't wait for the summer. Summer also means no income at our house, but luckily I worked very hard to increase our emergency fund to cover summer expenses. DS#1 is going to his girlfriend's Senior prom. I'm so excited for him. Contract negotiations at work are in motion but I'm not too optimistic that we are going to get anything worthwile, but at least I have job and I refuse to complaint about it.

I hope you all have a great work week !

4 Responses to “We've been a victim of credit card fraud!”

  1. monkeymama Says:

    "This got me thinking about all of the cc we have laying around and I decided to close them even though the experts say that it will bring down fico scores."

    I think this is the primary reason I always close all my old cards. Then you don't have to worry if someone is messing around with your open credit cards. Maybe you don't pay attention to statements - maybe you don't get them - maybe you wouldn't notice. One of our recent frauds was a card we mostly hadn't used in a couple of years. Close second is not wanting any unexpected fees. Just, one less thing to worry about.

    Anyway, my experience is that it has no affect on FICO. Our credit scores are both 800-ish and my *length of open credit" is currently rated an F. A very small piece of our overall credit scores. The F is because we also just refinanced our mortgage. So even the mortgage is new. I have been slow to chose my last Chase because it may be 3-years-old and by far our oldest credit line at the moment, but in the end I suppose it's hard to do much worse than "F." I'll report back if only having 1 year average open credit really means anything to our FICO score - I doubt it will. Right now I think my average is "2 years." I feel extra inclined to close the Chase because they already tried to add an annual fee, once. (I declined the new terms, and they let me keep the card at the old terms).

    Anyway, it's always nicer/easier when the cc company notices the fraud charges immediately. That said, the last 2 times this happened to me, I couldn't get them to remove $1 or $2 in small charges. So annoying. (I let it go because the rewards were so good - my time is worth more than more than numerous phone calls for $1).

    Well, sorry about the fraud, too. Never happened to us about first 15 years of using credit cards, but lately it seems to happen about every other year. I just figure it's the norm these days.

  2. My English Castle Says:

    Very glad you caught it!

  3. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Glad you caught it!

  4. -Jerry- Says:

    Nice catch! I have also been a victim of fraud and it really does lead you to re-examine every area in which you might be at risk... kind of scary, isn't it? In the modern technological world there is just no insurance against this sort of thing outside of your own vigilance. And sometimes, alas, not even then...

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