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It's been a couple of weeks

August 4th, 2011 at 11:17 am

since my last post, but I've been keeping up with your blogs. My trip to Florida was great and I'm happy to have spent some time with my mom and sibblings. I was definitely overbudget on this one, mainly because I took DS#2 school clothes shopping at the Orlando Premium Outlets. The good thing is that I do not have to worry about going school shopping for him anymore. Can you believe is already August. Summer vacation will soon be over and it'll be back to work in another four weeks for me.

I'm also happy to tell you that we've not touched our savings to cover any summer expenses. Hubby was able to line up summer work so between the rental income and his job, we've been able to cover pretty much everything. I did pay the rental house flood insurance with the Amazon rewards cc, but it is not due until mid September and I'll be working by then. We also have to set up the payment plan for DS#1 college tuition with Sallie Mae and I suspect that we'll have to tap into our savings for the first payment.


Well, we also bought a new car for me. After an extensive used car search, we decided to purchased a new car. It seemed as if people wanted an arm and a leg for cars with high mileage. We opted to buy a Toyota Corolla Sport at 0% interest rate for 60 months. The finance guy congratulated me on my credit score. He mentioned that in our county, the average credit score was 770 a year and half ago and that the average now is 620. He told me mine is at 832.

Here's a picture of my new wheels:


I'm reading "The Help" and I'm looking forward to watching the movie when it comes out. Is anyone else reading this book?

I hope you all have a great weekend!

6 Responses to “It's been a couple of weeks”

  1. PNW Mom Says:

    Congratulations on not having to touch savings...that is great! And congrats on the new car too....isn't 0% interest great? Smile

  2. NJDebbie Says:

    0% interest is great!

  3. LuckyRobin Says:

    Oh, thanks for reminding me. I'm going to go put that book on hold at the library right now. The movie ads look so funny!

  4. LuckyRobin Says:

    Oh, I'm number 24 in line for the large print version (regular print would have put me at 115 in line!) Is it a good enough book to be worth buying or should I just wait? I haven't spent my allowance yet for the month.

  5. NJDebbie Says:

    It's a great book and I'm glad I bought it! Hardcover cost me 14.95 + shipping at Amazon. I ordered the book on Tuesday afternoon and I got it today by 11:00 am.

  6. JJ76 Says:

    Debbie: Love the new car; congrats on your rate (or lack there of!!)

    I purchsed The Help - softcover - at Wal-Mart on Monday night for $11... and read the whole thing on Tuesday. I LOVED it. I cannot wait to see the movie. The era and location are some of my favorites when reading books or watching movies. I was born a decade or two too late, me thinks! lol... =)

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