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"Replenish the Emergency Fund" Challenge

May 4th, 2013 at 06:12 am

I must confess that our emergency fund is kinda low for my liking. It sits at $16K and since we've been doing some expensive home repairs, I (we)have not been able to make any dents. To top it all off, my hubby's job is on shaky grounds right now. I can manage the bills with my salary, now that the mortgage and car loans are gone, but the emergency fund is causing me to worry a bit. I decided that I'd like to have the EF up to $35K by December 31, 2013. Besides this challenge will keep me motivated to continue to set financial goals and build some wealth.

On Tuesday, the pool company will come to replace the liner. We already have this money accounted for. We are also working on the front and rear yard landscape and we've budget $500 for this, but I think we'll come under budget for this project. I'll try to post before and after pictures.

Today, I'm going to Yankees Stadium with my girl friend. The tickets were free, courtesy of my friend's ex husband. I'll chip in for gas, parking and food. It should be a great day to see the Yankees play with temperatures in the low 70s today. I'm also planning our next girls' night out and we will probably see Newsies on Broadway. I also got my passport the other day and the France/Spain trip is fast approaching. Cannot wait!!!

This is my update for today. I hope you all have a wonderful and frugal weekend.

1 Responses to “"Replenish the Emergency Fund" Challenge”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great challenge! Good luck. We need to get our spending on track so we can add to our next down payment.

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