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The stock market for kids

November 12th, 2013 at 10:31 am

I'm the AT (academically talented) teacher this year. I want to teach kids about the stock market. Any ideas on how to do a stock market competition in the class? I did a google search and most games require online registration which is against school policy.

Class background: 21 7th and 8th grade students academically talented and very excited to learn about the stock market.

Feeling guilty

November 5th, 2013 at 08:45 am

For many many years, I've bailed my parents and some of my siblings out of financial binds. We are talking thousands and thousands of dollars. My parents and most of my siblings are extremely poor money managers. My widowed mother still spends all of her income in a span of two weeks. I send her small amounts of money from time to time and a generous monetary gift for Christmas and her birthday. She is now in a financial pickle and needs to move in with my sister. This entails purchasing an airline ticket and sending some of her personal belongings via air mail and does not have the money to do so. I feel guilty because I can make her life easier, for the moment, by sending her money and purchasing her air fare, but I've decided not do it. This is causing me some anxiety. I can send her the money, but financially I have to think about my own family. My husband is unemployed and I still have DS#2 living at home. He attends college and works part-time. It also angers me to have to let go of the money that I work so hard to save because they are not careful and respectful with theirs. Should I send her the money or stand my grounds?

P.S. My mom has not asked for money, but I think my sister and mom are waiting for me to offer. Frown