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Week 5 of Savings Challenge

January 26th, 2014 at 02:53 pm

My total for the 52 Week Savings Challenge sit at $312. This coming week will be Week 6 (backwards) which should be $47. I try to exceed the amount and have been able to do so every week. /

Snowflakes from a snow storm

January 22nd, 2014 at 04:42 pm

Hubby removed the snow from three houses in our neighborhood making $120 ($40 a pop). As much as I hate the snow and the cold, the money comes in handy. I will get a check from AMEX rewards for $145.07. I can either cash it at Costco or use it to purchase food. I think I might use it to fund the 52 Week Savings Challenge. Fist Bank (Swagbucks credit card) also credited my account with 2100 swagbucks, which I will use to get 4 $5 gift cards from Amazon. / No work today for me, but it was quite fruitful. I used some frozen bananas to make banana nut muffins and blueberry muffins. Most were put in the freezer for future consumption.

Fifty-two Week Savings Challenge and more

January 18th, 2014 at 02:17 pm

This challenge stands at $222 (doing it backwards) and I will be on my fifth week next week ($48). I already have .70 to put extra (.45 found at work and .25 found while doing laundry)plus I will cash in my coin jar. This challenge money will go towards our 25th Wedding Anniversary party next year).

February will be very tight but a manageable month for us. This is mainly due to property taxes and a sewer bill. It will amount to close to $2,400.00. I have a Costco rewards check coming soon for $150 and my Amazon account has an additional $150 (thanks to Swagbucks gift cards and Swagbucks credit card rewards. I can always use that money to purchase food, but hoping not to. I really want to save that money for the summer months when I'm not making any money.

I am having trouble sleeping at night and I think I am going to splurge a bit and buy aromatherapy pillow spritz from Bath and Body Works. It is a combination of chamomile and lavender. I hope it helps me relax and sleep. I am a total mess when I don't sleep well. Frown On a happy note, my girl friends and I are planning our next Broadway show for April. We are thinking we might do Motown: The Musical. These outings are so much for me and one of the few times I splurge on myself.

P.S. MIL is still in the hospitalFrown

Summer Planning

January 13th, 2014 at 08:18 am

As you may already know, I'm employed for 10 months of the year and my summer money planning begins in January. Luckily, I won't have to cover any mortgage payments, but we do have some big bills during the summer. I may want to try to get a part-time summer job, however I do not count on it and the game plan is already set and in motion. If my husband happens to line up some work, any money we save will go towards future college tuition payments for DS#2.

On another note, it looks like DS#2 will be able to complete his degree at the community college. Rutgers just signed an agreement with the local community college and depending on the major students can pay Rutgers' fees and get a BA or BS. So happens that my DS #2 major is one of them. Short commute and no room and board fees.

Day one of meal planning begins today and MIL is still in the hospital.

An update

January 12th, 2014 at 06:10 am

2014 has made its entry not in such a good note for us. My MIL was admitted to the hospital last Sunday and she is still there. The super cold front that swept across our nation left us with frozen pipes in our home causing us to be without heat for eight hours in the downstairs of our home and overnight in the upstairs. That was a nightmare! We did have to replace some parts on the furnace, but on the bright side the furnace is running nicely now. We have to consider replacing it in the coming years.

Eating out has also been out of control here and it has to stop. Toppled with my SAD leaving me with zero energy level and my hubby spending lots of time with his mom in the hospital (which I don't mind), we've eating out tremendously. I spent a good amount of time preparing some food items that we can easily combine with other ingredients to make a nice and quick meal. I made meatballs, browned two containers of ground beef, cooked six boneless chicken breast, made chili soup, cooked a pound of kidney beans, made meatloaf for two days worth of dinners and prepared 20 "empanadas". Busy, busy day in the kitchen, but worth it.

The 52 Week Saving Challenge is in motion and I'm on the third week backwards. I lend some money to a relative and the promise of repayment has not come through. I promised myself that I will not do this ever again. I do not want to harbor any resentment towards my own family, so I rather not put myself in this position again. Hubby is still out of a job but has earn some money doing some odd jobs.

Well, this is it. I hope you have a great work week.