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Fifty-two Week Savings Challenge and more

January 18th, 2014 at 02:17 pm

This challenge stands at $222 (doing it backwards) and I will be on my fifth week next week ($48). I already have .70 to put extra (.45 found at work and .25 found while doing laundry)plus I will cash in my coin jar. This challenge money will go towards our 25th Wedding Anniversary party next year).

February will be very tight but a manageable month for us. This is mainly due to property taxes and a sewer bill. It will amount to close to $2,400.00. I have a Costco rewards check coming soon for $150 and my Amazon account has an additional $150 (thanks to Swagbucks gift cards and Swagbucks credit card rewards. I can always use that money to purchase food, but hoping not to. I really want to save that money for the summer months when I'm not making any money.

I am having trouble sleeping at night and I think I am going to splurge a bit and buy aromatherapy pillow spritz from Bath and Body Works. It is a combination of chamomile and lavender. I hope it helps me relax and sleep. I am a total mess when I don't sleep well. Frown On a happy note, my girl friends and I are planning our next Broadway show for April. We are thinking we might do Motown: The Musical. These outings are so much for me and one of the few times I splurge on myself.

P.S. MIL is still in the hospitalFrown

3 Responses to “Fifty-two Week Savings Challenge and more”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Great job on the challenge! Chamomile tea is very relaxing before bed. You might look at Melatonin as well. Or find some relaxing music to play before bed. Sleep is so important. I hope find rest soon!

  2. wiife of the deacon Says:

    We've had good luck with the lavender aromatherapy from B&BW. Also the Febreze (spelling?) room spray - milk and honey was helpful. I also started to use books on CD taken out from the library for the kids. DD and I are listening to the Nancy Drew books (from childhood) read by Laura Linney - such a nice diversion from their required reading (Catcher in the Rye for the older one, which I find extremely tiresome and heavy helping her with!).

    Good news on the money front for you. Smile Hope that your husband is doing well!


  3. snafu Says:

    Can you identify some causes for trouble sleeping? Can you create a truly relaxing bedtime routine like the herb tea, spritz of lavender, bubble bath, light reading, in a bedroom you've created as a pleasant sanctuary? There are lots of no cost/low cost ideas on You Tube. It requires you banish worries, TV, computer, desk from bedrm.

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