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$ update

April 4th, 2014 at 04:02 pm

I'm glad the workweek is over...three days of standardized testing was enough and has left me exhausted.


Financially, I swept $200 from the checking account to savings. I funded my 52 Week Savings Challenge account last week when I received my paycheck. I will have to fund the next two weeks of the challenge when I come back from vacation. I spent $38 eating out (substantially less) this week but made $285 extra working an extra nine hours.. This money usually goes towards savings and eating out.


It will be almost a year since my hubby lost his job. In September we had about $24K in savings, come April we are at a little over $64K. I feel extremely blessed that we paid off our house when we did. It enabled us to live on one income and save money. We saved most of my hubby's unemployment benefits and all of the income earned working extra hours as well as a percentage of my paychecks. I hope we can continue to do this and more if hubby finds a job soon. I think we can probably save an additional $5K by July 1st to cover our summer expenses when I am off from work.


This is it for today. Enjoy your weekend!

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