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More good news

May 31st, 2014 at 05:55 am

Recently, I posted that my hubby was offered a job and he accepted. I also got an email that I was approved to work the summer program, half days for six weeks with a stipend of $2K. Woot woot! That should cover my DS#2 Fall tuition.

On another note, I read an article from Consumer Report rating different articles and Sam's Club clothes detergent was voted second to Tide Advantage. I checked the price and is very cheap compared to Tide. I'm hoping I can get a day pass to check out Sam's Club. I'm not ready to give up my Costco membership. I love that place!

Pollen levels are off the charts in my neck of the woods and as a result I am suffering with lots of congestion and a horrible cough. It it continues, I'll definitely will have to go to the doctor. Does anyone know a home remedy for cough?

Good news!

May 28th, 2014 at 04:47 pm

Hello my fellow Bloggers, my hubby has been offered a job and he has accepted. He will not start for another month but we are both excited. We are hoping to be able to save his paychecks and continue to live on one income until my DS#2 goes to a four-year college. In a year, we will begin paying higher college tuition. We paid for DS#1 and we would really gift our DS#2 with a debt-free college degree. Meanwhile, things are on autopilot. No news yet on the summer program I applied to work.

Why I Swagbucks

May 27th, 2014 at 11:05 am

I'd been earning Swagbucks for a long time now and used the Swagbucks credit card whenever possible. I redeem my bucks for Amazon gift cards to purchase household items I would normally have to budget for. This month alone I've ordered 2 T-Fal pans (10 and 12 inch, a free standing toilet paper dispenser and a daybed comforter set and curtain valances for a spare room makeover. All these items have cost me $20 out of pocket by using Amazon gift cards earned with Swagbucks.

Countdown to incomeless summer

May 22nd, 2014 at 08:32 am

Three more paychecks left for this school year (I'm a 10 months employee). Even though, I saved for the summer months, I applied for a summer program position that has a stipend of close to $2K for six weeks of work; I hope I get it. I can use that money to pay for DS #2 Fall semester college tuition and still have afternoons and the entire month of August off. It will be a year this month since hubby lost his job Frown and I have to take advantage of any earning opportunity until he finds a job.


Coin jar

May 16th, 2014 at 09:42 am

Cashed in my coin jar; it had $60.23. I deposited a total of $110 to the 25th Wedding Anniversary Party Fund. The grand total in this fund is $2,271.46. Tentative date: next April although our anniversary is in February. We don't want to deal with inclement weather so we will celebrate a month and half later. We still have eleven months to save and our party budget is $5K; almost half way there.

Summer and more

May 15th, 2014 at 12:50 pm

It looks like I will be able to stay home this summer. I'm only $1,700.00 away from covering all the big bills during the summer. Those big bills include quarterly property taxes, college tuition for DS#2, car payments, some insurance premiums, small bills and groceries. Hubby managed to make some extra money this month so that's money that can go to other things.

On another note, I've joined Weight Watchers on my quest to shed a lot of unwanted pounds. I am at my highest weight and I really want to become healthier. There has been some health problems with my siblings lately that I wish to prevent before is too late. These past two days have been very trying, but setting daily goals seems to be working.

Which one?

May 12th, 2014 at 10:08 am

I don't like how debt feels; it chokes me. After giving it some thought I decided that I will no longer hoard our money for savings. I feel that $50K is an adequate emergency fund and any excess beyond that amount will go into paying debt. I am torn about my game plan. At first, I was thinking that I should pay off the furniture at 0% interest which has a balance of $2,900.00. This will free up $106 a month from our budget. Then I thought about it and realized that I have a car loan at 2.99% and I'm paying $75 every month on interest. Maybe I should apply the money towards that debt instead of the furniture. I figured that I want to eliminate debt in $5K increments. I also decided that we are going to use the envelope system for bills. We are spending too much on credit cards and I'm not properly keeping track of our income and I don't like it. My hubby is very low maintenance guy, all he cares about is having a little money to buy beer. No hobbies and very low spender. What do you think? Concentrate should I pay off the furniture or apply the money towards the car?


May 10th, 2014 at 11:44 am

This week's extra income totaled $360. I made the usual $285 working nine extra hours at work and hubby cut two lawns today at $35 a pop. He gave me the $75 he made and said, "It feels good to be able to give you that money." For those of you who do not know, my husband has been out of work for nearly a year. He maintains the house clean during the week while I am at work and on Fridays he cleans the entire house from top to bottom so that I don't have to do anything on the weekend. I do the laundry but that's because I prefer to do it myself. He is very considerate. He's been putting flyers out for lawn maintenance services hoping to start his own business. He has not had any luck finding a job. Frown

This is it for today. I hope you have a restful weekend and for all the mother's out there and the single dad's, Happy Mother's Day!

Suggestions needed

May 5th, 2014 at 08:41 am

My friend is celebrating her 5th year cancer-free today (oral cancer). I will be meeting her for dinner on Saturday to catch up and celebrate this milestone. I want to give her a gift but don't know what to get her. Any ideas?

The dreaded property taxes and update

May 2nd, 2014 at 03:50 pm

It was pay day on Wednesday and it was about $250 less than what I had anticipated. I suddenly realized that I missed out on the nine extra hours when my MIL passed away. I missed work for nearly a week. Oh well! I paid quarterly property taxes ($2,220) and sewer bill ($60) this pay period. It left us with $300 plus another $400 from last pay period. I usually sweep the extra money left in the checking to savings, but this pay period I need to hoard the money to pay bills. I also have to pay a large credit card bill from our vacation and a summer course tuition for DS#2. He is taking 3 courses this summer and hopefully the Fall semester will be his last at community college. Not too bad for a child who by the end of senior year in high school wanted nothing to do with the word "college". He is still undecided about transferring to a four year college or just getting his associate and applying to the police academy. Either way we will support his decision.

I also managed to scrape $81 to put into the Anniversary Party fund. I really obsess about not being able to put money away in savings. I was happy to be able to at least put a small amount of money away. I have five more biweekly checks left until the end of the school year. I think I will apply for a summer school program to work as an instructional aide. It runs for four weeks and I'll still have the entire month of August to relax. Let's see what happens.

Well this is it for today. Have a great frugal weekend!