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Living on one income, maybe.

October 26th, 2014 at 02:38 pm

I've been running some numbers, daydreaming of getting our household finances in order once again soon. The purchase of the new home has me wishing for the days where I pretty much knew where every penny was going. Closing on the purchase is schedule for early November. I am hoping that we can live on my income come January and stash my hubby's paychecks away. If the numbers don't deceit me, it looks like it might just work. I did not include the extra money I make and hubby's occasional overtime pay. That will be use to go out to dinner and extra things for the house. By the way, most of you agreed with hubby that we should paid the house off and I agree. We will do that as soon as we sell our current home. Thank for your input!

2 Responses to “Living on one income, maybe.”

  1. snafu Says:

    How are the dates lining up for closing on your current house and on your new house? A friend ended up paying a two day rental fee to the mover's in addition to the contract so that belonging could remain in the truck's trailer and stored in their locked and monitored yard facility. This facilitated financing problems and avoided bridge financing which is such a cash cow for banks.

  2. nJDebbie Says:

    We are closing on our purchase first according to plan and about 10 days later on our current home.

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