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Contributions Up.

February 20th, 2015 at 11:07 am

Today, AXA Equitable's representative visited my workplace so I decide to up the monthly contributions to my 403B. I am now contributing an additional $100 making a total monthly contribution of $500. I really should contribute the full amount to my Roth IRA first but I always have trouble because if I fall short of cash for any reason, I stop the electronic contribution for the IRA. The contributions for the 403B comes right out of my paycheck so I really don't miss the money. As of now, I am contributing $600 monthly to two retirement accounts. Additional money is going to the state pension. I want to contribute more, but we really need to beef up the emergency fund.

One more week 'til payday and we are on track to have a second month living on one income. Nothing exciting planned for the weekend. I am basically staying indoors; this winter is getting the best of me already. I need spring to come!

May you all have a wonderful weekend.

3 Responses to “Contributions Up.”

  1. DecisiveParadox Says:

    I feel like a reverse Olaf from frozen.
    I moved from a warm southern hemisphere country to the north.
    I dreamed of running in the snow and making snow angels.
    The reality however manifested in Seasonal blues, bitter joint freezing cold and the harsh reality snowballs are at least 11 times harder than they look in movies.

    Bring on the summer!

  2. NJDebbie Says:

    I grew up in the Caribbean and absolutely despise winter and I too get Seasonal Affective Disorder. I dream of the day that I can move to warmer pastures again, but for now indoors will do. Stay warm!

  3. rob62521 Says:

    We received a bunch of snow over night. A neighbor very kindly used his snow blower and did our driveway and I shoveled the walks. I am not a snow lover, but this act of kindness warmed my heart. I did see a robin in a tree so maybe spring is close.

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