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Pay day update

March 13th, 2015 at 05:16 am

It is pay day and I made the usual transactions and we are on our way to a third month living on a one income. There will be some money spent this month. We will have to pay the remaining balance for the countertop granite and I will need some cash since I will be traveling for Spring break. I don't need much cash for my trip because I will be lodging with my Mom. Airfare was free due to us giving up our seats on a flight last year. I will only have to pay for car rental and eating out. I plan to eat dinners out every night; I can't wait to eat the traditional dishes I don't necessarily prepare at home.

Well this is it for today, enjoy your weekend. I am actually in heaven now that the temperatures are rising!

Weekly update

March 5th, 2015 at 05:58 am

No work today for me, we are basically buried in snow and still going. I am so done with winter!

I skipped my bi-weekly grocery shopping this past weekend and instead used my Costco reward check to purchase some much needed meat. I purposely did this so that I can stock up the fridge with items before I leave to the Caribbean (to visit my mother) the last week of March. I planned to do double batches of dinners to leave my guys in the freezer.

We are ordering the granite for a kitchen countertop. The kitchen looks 100% better already with the new appliances/cabinet hardware and the granite and back splash will complete the kitchen rehab. As you may remembered, we were planning on doing a complete gut job on the kitchen but changed our minds when we were quoted over $50K to do the work. We chose to payoff the house and be mortgage free. When everything is completed, the rehab will cost us a little over $10K. We are hoping to save enough money to begin work on the upstairs bathroom for the summer of 2016 and subsequently do the same with the downstairs bathroom in the summer of 2017. One thing at a time and paying for the jobs in cash. NO MORE DEBT FOR US, if we can help it.