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Pickles and more pickles

May 31st, 2016 at 03:15 pm

I took advantage of the sales at our local supermarket this weekend. I scored London broil for $1.77 a pound and Kirby cucumbers at $1.99 a pound. I usually pay $2.99 a pound for the cucumbers which I use to make and preserve bread and butter pickles and dill pickles. I have pickles for the entire year I think!

Test Run

May 31st, 2016 at 09:19 am

As the school year is coming to an end, I decided that next year, I will do a test run by living on my husband's income alone. By that I mean paying for all household/living expenses using his income only. This way I can gauge whether leaving my job will be an option or stepping down to an instructional aide position. I've come to realize that my job as a teacher has really taking a toll on my health, attitude and home life and it's simply not worth it to me. I still give it my all despite the fact that I no longer enjoy it. Let's see where this leads me. We are still planning a move in early 2019 as my husband can retire with a full pension and health benefits.

Paying off the HELOC

May 30th, 2016 at 07:27 pm

We were completely debt, including the house, most of 2013,2014 and most of 2015. Come 2016 and we now have $43K tide up in the HELOC. The majority of it is due to a brand new SUV we talked ourselves into getting. In hindsight, it was the stupidest thing we did. We could've gotten a used SUV and pay cash for it. Aside for the car debt, I also used the HELOC to pay for a portion of our home renovations. Today I was thinking and we are paying 3% interest for the HELOC and getting less than 1% interest from the bank. If we pay the HELOC in full, the emergency fund will still be sufficient to cover any unexpected home repairs or anything not too costly. I will also continue to save as much as I can every month. Needless to say, I'll (we)be paying off the HELOC this week. Don't like it, it bothers me and I simply cannot deal with the debt.

Oh well, we are now paying the consequences of stupidity but looking forward to being debt free and keeping it that way!

Pay day and long weekend

May 26th, 2016 at 09:22 am

Today is pay day for me. I swept the remaining balance in our checking out ($162) and added that amount to our biweekly savings deposit. We are a little over $300 away from reaching the 70% mark of the savings goal. Once the 100% has been reached, I'll start working gazelle intense to pay off the HELOC.

This weekend will be an extended one, today being my last day at work until Tuesday. No big plans; just a BBQ on Saturday and possibly inviting a few friends to BBQ at home as well on Sunday or Monday. On Friday, I'll have to take my car to the dealer for a recall and a tune up. As much as I really love my car, I may consider selling it. Let's see what happens.

Well, that's it for today. For those living in the USA enjoy your long weekend and happy weekend to all here at SA.

A little update

May 22nd, 2016 at 08:00 am

My niece returned home yesterday. She stayed with us for eight days. I spent about $250 dining out, buying her a few clothing articles and few other gifts during her stay. I don't regret it; I see her maybe once a year for a few days and she is a very kind and simple soul. I do worry about her future since there is very little opportunity for her to become independent and I think my brother and his wife are in so much debt. Let's see what happens. I'm also extremely proud of my boys because they really took care of her while she was here. They are very generous and loving.

On another note, I decided to stay put and see how long I can stay at my job. As of today, I'm putting myself on a spending freeze, especially on the eating out department. It's gotten very crazy lately with that and needless to say, eating out is quite expensive. I will try to hoard as much money possible so that when the time comes, I'll have more freedom to explore other options if needed. Luckily, we have an extended weekend and I won't have to be at work tomorrow and next weekend will be a five day weekend for me with Memorial Day coming. The district gave us back two unused snow days. This will give me some time to recharge and pull myself together in anticipation to the end of the school year.

Rough week

May 20th, 2016 at 06:33 am

It's been a rough week. I've been spending too much money eating out but I realize that it's as a result of a tough work week. I really need to put a plan in motion to be as careful as I can with money. Don't get me wrong; we've done well for ourselves but I need to hoard as much money as we can to make the relocation in a few years as smooth as possible. My job is literally sucking the day life out of me. Between administrators that feel compelled to micromanage everything to horrendous apathy from students, I feel professionally defeated and it's causing me to be irritable, moody and not a fun person to be around at times. At times, I feel I should maybe look for another job but the thought of starting new some place else makes me extremely nervous. Today, I build up the courage to dig out my teaching license certificate to make a copy of it and the other day I worked on updating my resume. There are some positions I can apply and at least get an interview. I know I should try but fear paralyzes me. What do you think?

Pay Day and the Weekend

May 14th, 2016 at 06:19 am

We got paid yesterday and I was kinda bummed about not being able to put any money aside in savings because of the hefty property tax bill. Well, somehow I'd forgotten that I get paid for the extra hours at work every 15 of the month, so $500 to savings! We don't have much left in the checking but we get paid again on 26th before an extended Memorial Day Weekend. We are so very close to the 60% mark in our emergency Fund/Savings. Next pay period it should go up to 62% and that my friends make me extremely happy!

My niece is visiting us for a week; my DS#2 is very close to her cousin and he paid for her airfare and a few pretty expensive outings. We will take her to New
York City on Tuesday. I will be funding the outing, train (she's never been on a train), food, etc. Last night we took her to a Japanese Hibachi grill, which is, in my book, expensive but we wanted her to get the experience. Needless to say, she really did not like the food but she took lots of pictures. I, on the other hand love that I live in the NY tri-state area and get to experience the many ethnic foods. It is a little bit of a culture shock for her.

We hope to do a little bit of gardening this weekend. I am also reading a book called The Shack and Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul (one story a day). As for TV shows, I am so hooked on a Showtime series, now on Netflix called Nurse Jackie. I hate and love Nurse Jackie all at the same time.

What car make do you drive?

May 6th, 2016 at 03:38 pm

I'm often curious as to what car make my fellow bloggers drive. My husband favors Honda and Toyota and if it was up to him that's what I would drive. He says that they last long with minimal repairs. Who cares to share the make and year of their current car?

I will start: 2013 BMW Convertible Series 1 (paid in cash when the house was paid off and we got a tremendous deal because it was a leftover. Honestly if I can still afford to buy them cash, I would prefer to drive BMW forever. Prior to this purchase I drove a Suzuki GV XL-7 for 12 years.

New goals

May 4th, 2016 at 05:14 pm

I've had a Roth IRA for quite sometime now, but I never managed to fully fund it. I have a 403b at work with electronic withdrawals of $325 each pay period which is really nice. I think that from now on I'm going to strive to fully fund the Roth IRA as well. It's important that I pay attention to these retirement accounts mainly because I'm playing catch up with my retirement funds. So a new goal for 2016!

Savings are at an almost 60% mark, 40% more to go and then I will begin chiseling away the current debt at a tsunami level. As much as the debt bothers me, I feel the need to have a beefy emergency fund first. I'd like to get the EF fully funded by June of 2017.