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Pay Day and the Weekend

May 14th, 2016 at 06:19 am

We got paid yesterday and I was kinda bummed about not being able to put any money aside in savings because of the hefty property tax bill. Well, somehow I'd forgotten that I get paid for the extra hours at work every 15 of the month, so $500 to savings! We don't have much left in the checking but we get paid again on 26th before an extended Memorial Day Weekend. We are so very close to the 60% mark in our emergency Fund/Savings. Next pay period it should go up to 62% and that my friends make me extremely happy!

My niece is visiting us for a week; my DS#2 is very close to her cousin and he paid for her airfare and a few pretty expensive outings. We will take her to New
York City on Tuesday. I will be funding the outing, train (she's never been on a train), food, etc. Last night we took her to a Japanese Hibachi grill, which is, in my book, expensive but we wanted her to get the experience. Needless to say, she really did not like the food but she took lots of pictures. I, on the other hand love that I live in the NY tri-state area and get to experience the many ethnic foods. It is a little bit of a culture shock for her.

We hope to do a little bit of gardening this weekend. I am also reading a book called The Shack and Chicken Soup for the Parents Soul (one story a day). As for TV shows, I am so hooked on a Showtime series, now on Netflix called Nurse Jackie. I hate and love Nurse Jackie all at the same time.

7 Responses to “Pay Day and the Weekend”

  1. Nutria Says:

    We were so proud of ourselves once we started budgeting and paying down those huge CC balances. And then the property tax bill came that December... I kicked myself for the stupidity.

    Now 1/12 of the estimated bill goes to savings (and a cell in our Savings Acct spreadsheet) every month.

  2. Frugalista Says:

    Nice! I should be budgeting $700 every month for property taxes but I rather put it in the savings account and worry about it when the quarterly bill is due. Smile

  3. Frugalista Says:

    Nice! I should be budgeting $700 every month for property taxes but I rather put it in the savings account and worry about it when the quarterly bill is due. Smile It stinks to have a paid for home and still have to come up with that kind of money every month.

  4. Nutria Says:

    Holy Cannoli, Bat Girl... That is a lot of property tax!!! I hope your state makes up for it with low sales taxes.

    Note that monthly budgeting for property taxes is (or, at least, cab be) putting it in your savings account. I've got a spreadsheet with 22 "detail" columns -- gotta love wide screen monitors! --, and one row per day, plus starting and ending balances. One tab per month, with this month's starting balance being last month's ending balance. The sum of "today's" detail columns must equal the amount in my savings accounts. If not, I've done something wrong.

    This lets me forecast known and approximate spending for a host of categories.

    Plus, if I or the DS lose our jobs, that vacation fund can be lumped in with the Job Loss fund.

  5. Nutria Says:

    Forgot to mention: then when the big expense comes, I transfer the money from the savings account to checking, and enter a negative amount in the appropriate cell in the spreadsheet.

  6. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Nice surprise!

  7. rob62521 Says:

    Nice job on building up that emergency fund!

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