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Quick update.

August 27th, 2018 at 06:24 pm

This has been a spendy month. Last week, the ejector pump's alarm went off, which means that if we kept flushing toilets and using the water it was all going back up into the basement. It was a messy job for both my husband and son. Digging and locating the holding tank took good part of the day. The pump was close to $600. I'm glad, my husband is handy, otherwise we estimate that it would have cost us over $1,500 in labor alone. Disaster averted!

One of the run flats (tire) on my car went flat and is not repairable. We are replacing all four tires because there is not enough meat on the other three anyway. We are not replacing them with "run flats" again. They are super pricey at $250 per tire.

I payed off one of the two credit cards. They are both on an 0% interest rate. Another one to go. Our summer/winter getaway/retirement home is on blocks and the builder is getting ready to put the roof up. It's exciting to see the progress.

This is my last week of summer vacation. Back to the daily grind!

Car problems and Mom

August 13th, 2018 at 05:31 pm

The hot engine symbol appeared on my car and the car stalled this afternoon I did some research and it directed me to check the coolant fluid. I drive a 2013 BMW and these cars although an awesome ride, they can be tricky. A quick search on youtube yield a video on how to check and fill the chamber. We are hoping that adding coolant fluid will resolve the problem. If not, we better get ready to pay for diagnostics and mostly expensive repairs. Frown

On another note, my Mom is staying with me. She will soon undergo glaucoma and cataract eye surgery. I've notice her vision is getting worse. I also took her to the podiatrist since she is having a really difficult time seeing specialists because there are barely any podiatrists in her area. Many doctors have left the island due to the economic crisis and the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. She is ready to go home though. Financially, everything is going fine.

Emotions, deals and taxes

August 6th, 2018 at 10:27 am

Today would've been my sister's 54th birthday. For the most part, I have been dealing with her passing but it seems like I am a mess when her birth date comes along. She passed away a year and a half ago and even though she was suffering from a chronic illness, her death hit me like a ton of bricks. I've been very weepy today. I know, my emotions will ebb and flow forever as I grieve.

Any way, I've saving tons of money using manufacturer coupons and supermarket digital coupons. I am not one of those super/extreme couponers but I am learning and scoring lots of free or super reduced cost for things I use and purchase. I don't buy, just for the sake of buying. Today, I scored laundry detergent (3) and toothpaste for free and I bought vitamins for both my hubby and I for $2.49 (two packs of Centrum).

Our property taxes went up over $500 a year. We're at close to $8K a year. New Jersey has one of the highest property taxes in the nation, but a good portion of it goes to educating our children. I also benefit from property taxes, since my salary is funded mostly by local tax payers as well.

Summer quickly ending; I'll be back at work in less than a month. I'm enjoying the lazy days of summer and a work perk, I cherish.

Yay Us!

August 2nd, 2018 at 06:01 am

Well, we finally reached our savings goal! We are using some of to put 20% on vacation/retirement home, furnishing the house and buying a used car to keep there. We will have enough to cover any home repairs, loss of rental income, etc. I am super excited that hard work has paid off. Smile

The focus now will be on paying off two credit cards that are on interest free promotional. The promotional interest free period ends this coming November for one of the cards. I will be working hard to get it out of the way without touching our savings. I still have one more year on the other one.