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Snow birds in the making

September 14th, 2018 at 09:42 am

Hi All, it's been a few week since I blogged. Anyway, I am back to work and I've been reassigned to another school temporarily to cover for teacher who is on Family Leave. Apparently, the district posted the job opening and they did not get any applicants due to the nature of my content area.

On another note...our house is coming up nicely with all the wall partitions completed. So here is the plan for the future.

This winter should be my last one in New Jersey as we plan to be in FL for the winter months. We thought about it long and hard and we feel that this is doable for us. Yes, it means that I will be resigning from my job and my nice salary. However, I've been unhappy with my job for a while now and the plan was that as soon as we put the kids through college, I could take a break and do something else. If everything goes according to plan, health benefits will be covered under a state pension and everything else will be covered between the pension and what we net from our rental properties. We will have an additional income coming in soon after that because my hubby plans to take social security benefits early and at a reduce rate.

Our grown son (who still lives with us) will cover the mortgage and utility bills while we are snow birding. Once I get back home to NJ, I will do sub teaching work to earn extra cash and continue contributing to retirement accounts.

I know, a lot can happen between now and then but I have faith that things will work out just fine.

4 Responses to “Snow birds in the making”

  1. Mary Lou Gargett Says:

    Hi! When we retired and went snowbirding, we rented for a couple of years to make sure we liked the area. We then bought a doublewide mobile in a nice park that sold the land with the mobile so expenses were very low. We wintered there for 18 years. There are some parks with land that have very expensive maintenance, , but the one we were in was only $125.00 a month. Maintenance included water, sewer, garbage pickup and lawn mowing. Once you own, you have to pay the taxes and have insurance. Some of the mobiles in our park with land included can currently be purchased for about 70-80,000. We enjoyed the park activities and were only 20 minutes from the beach.

    Happy snowboarding!

    Mary Lou

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    That sounds like a great plan! Especially since you will have your son living in the house when you're in FL.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    It sounds like you have a good plan in place. That is terrific. I sure hope it all works out so you can take it easy. As a retired teacher, I know the stress you are under as an educator in today's educational world. I think most people remember school from when they were kids and do not realize how much it has changed and the big stressors that come with it. I'm pulling for you; I hope it all works out for you!

  4. NJDebbie Says:

    Thank you all!

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