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UFMC Days #22 and #23/updates

January 24th, 2019 at 05:13 am

Day 22 Spend Day (ate out)and booked a trip to FL
Day 23 No Spend Day

Grocery shopping is still at $38.06
We've been eating from the pantry and deep freezers. I have to get some basic staples (potatoes, butter, milk and a few other little things. I'll try to do without them until the end of January but let see what happens. Grocery budget for this month is $75

We have to replace the water heater in one of the rental property. We cash flowed the expense to the tune of $870. I am happy to have a healthy emergency fund to kick Murphy's butt.

I booked a trip to Florida in February. My cost $100 since my thoughtful DS#2 paid for half of it. He is very much aware of how SAD affects my spirits and he told me that it was time to go and get some sun. Smile

October 2019 mortgage payment is scheduled to be paid on January 30th.

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