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March in like a Lion!

March 2nd, 2019 at 07:09 am

March came in with a vengeance. Two snow storms in the past two days and we are expecting a big one tomorrow into Monday. I am definitely looking forward to Spring like weather.

Pay day came and went and everything has been paid. I plan to double the mortgage payment this month on our FL home and the mortgage on our Jersey home is not due until November, 2019. It just gives me peace of mind to be ahead on these bills since our income will be greatly reduced in about four months.

Both husband and I will be attending a retirement (pension) seminar sponsored by the State of New Jersey. Since I will have my pension in deferment, I need to know if I can work as a substitute teacher in New Jersey when I am not in Florida. I think my husband's is pretty cut and dry. He is actually retiring with a full 25 years of service. I, on the other hand, have only 13 years in but fully vested. I am definitely looking forward to the end of my work contract. There is no way I could have continued working in that stressful environment.

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