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Get together and updates

June 17th, 2019 at 04:54 pm

My coworkters surprised me with a farewell get together. I felt special and overwhelmed at the same time. I don't like having all the attention. We had delicious cake and I was gifted a beautiful necklace from the Staff Club and a few other individual gifts. The education association gifted me $100. I also received a certificate of appreciation. It was indeed a very nice day for me. Three more days and that's it for me. I'm sure I will work in a school setting again but I'm not sure at a teacher capacity. That is, unless something changes in our lives. Never say never!

I'll get my last check on Thursday and sick time payout next month. I'll be joining the Uber Frugal Month Challenge for the month of July at Frugalwoods.com as I will have to be super resourceful from this point forward.
I also joined freecycle.com and I already put a "wanted" post for a compost tumbler and cloth napkins. Someone already responded and I'm getting a free compost tumbler on Sunday. My husband will be picking it up for me because I'll be away come Friday.

P.S. On my second month of no electric bill. For some reason (maybe too many calculated bills)last month we had a $69 credit and this month a $16 credit. Feeling excited!

3 Responses to “Get together and updates”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    How wonderful and generous! And exciting to be ending a chapter of your life.

    Enjoy your free compost tumbler!!

  2. fireandi Says:

    What a wonderful farewell.

    I also just got a free compost tumbler in my area. I love it. What a wonderful coincidence to see someone else who also has done the same thing in the same week.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    How nice! I know what you mean about not wanting a lot of attention, but clearly your colleagues want to acknowledge your contribution to the school. So enjoy!

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