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Midweek update

July 3rd, 2019 at 05:45 pm

I have a friend who is sells a specific product on Facebook. I've purchased only one time because it's not something I would use regularly. She keeps sending me offers and I was really honest with her and told her that my budget is super tight and I am not able to buy anything. She replied by saying that she understood. When your financial situation changes it is best to tell people and be honest. I am hoping she won't send me any other promotions.==

I took all the paperwork/application to a neighboring town public school. I am hoping to have something set up for September. The mortgage on our primary residence is paid until January of 2020. DS#2 is paying the property taxes. I am also taking advantage of lower summer heating oil rates to fill up the tank.

I hoping to be able to harvest some tomatoes by early next month. I'm on my second romaine lettuce harvest. We also picked up the tumbling compost bin that we got from freecycle.com and it's so nice. Nothing wrong with it!

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