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Week's update

June 19th, 2017 at 11:06 am

It took me exactly a year and two days to save the money we used last June to pay the HELOC. No small feat; it took a lot of motivation and sacrifice to put that money back in our savings account. I get one more regular paycheck this Wednesday (last day of the school year), then payroll summer savings money will kick in for the months of July and August. We are currently at 69.7% mark on our "lofty savings goal". By Wednesday, we will surpass the 70%. I also hope to add an additional 2-4% during the summer months.

I hope that by the time hubby is able to retire with a pension, we can pay off the investment property since it will generate about $1500 of income every month. I (we) will only pay it off if there is enough to pay it off but still have a generous emergency fund. Who knows! I can always dream, right.

I earned $25 in credit card rewards and I also received a $10 Amazon gift card from a student. This family always remembers the special area teachers and I'm grateful. I used some of the credit I have on Amazon to purchase a waffle maker (ours went kaput after 12 years), a school year planner and large muffin tin liners. All free using credit card rewards.

This is it for today. I hope you have a great work week; Thriftorama, I thinking of you and pray for a great outcome. ((HUGS))

September, Week #3

September 21st, 2016 at 08:13 am

September Week #3 September 14-21

Expenditures (under miscellaneous category in our budget)

$293.00, a good portion ($143) of it was for a one way airfare for my Mom to visit. She always offers to give me the money back but I never take her money.

$90.00 for an extra 3 hours of extracurricular work .

I'm doing much better on the eating out category. Last Friday, it was my turn to pay for our "eating out" day and Saturday DS#1 treated us because we helped him move.

ABOUT THE HELOC: (money borrowed for down payment on an investment property which will be used in our retirement)

We paid $300 towards the principal of this loan this week.

ABOUT THE INVESTMENT PROPERTY SLUSH FUND: Goal is to have $8K in that fund for repairs or any unexpected events.

We contributed $750 to this fund and it sits at $4,017.00

In my next post I will reveal our plans for retirement for husband and semi-retirement for me.

September, Week 2

September 14th, 2016 at 03:41 pm

September 7th-14th

The total money output was
- 80.00 Hubby side hustle snowflakes

$130 of it went to buying split and seasoned firewood in anticipation to the colder weather. We are hoping to use the wood burning stove to keep the house toasty in the fall and economize on house heating oil.

We've done exceptionally well in the eating out category. I think that preparing certain foods ahead of time during the weekend has help me fight the urge to eat out even though I'm exhausted when I get home.

Hubby's side hustle will die down quite a bit unless he gets leaf removal jobs this fall. I'm making up for that by working an extra hour during the work week as a homework club advisor. At $30 an hour, I just can't refuse it. We are now paying 25% of our health benefits so we also have to compensate for the loss of income. I've also met/surpassed my goal of achieving 10,000 steps a day this whole week except for today. I'm not feeling to well today. My Fitbit keeps me motivated!

Please know that I am sending positive vibes and prayers to all of the SA bloggers who are going through difficult times (job loss, health issues, etc.)